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  • Another New York Win on Marriage

    A mid-level court in New York has wiped out a lower court ruling denying spousal benefits to a retired school teacher, even though he and his partner were legally married in Canada.

  • Marriage Equality Street Theater – A Guide for Strolling Wedding Parties on Your Block

    Celebrate National Freedom to Marry Day in your own neighborhood this year with same-sex couples arm-in-arm on your street, in bridal gowns or tuxedos, trailed by a festive entourage. Engage your neighbors. Turn the heads of your friends. Express your need for marriage equality today.

  • Transgender Woman Wins Her Day in Court

    The Illinois Supreme Court has ordered a lower court to file a name change petition and fee-waiver request for Daunn Turner — a disabled, transgender woman. A circuit court judge had originally denied the name change and fee waiver, saying Turner’s name change was “not that important.”

  • Gay and Lesbian Couples Marry In California

    As thousands of gay and lesbian couples joyously celebrate their new freedom to marry in California, LGBT organizations urge people to protect marriage equality, while encouraging people who marry to “make change, not lawsuits.”

  • Employment Rights Bill Heads to Congress

    LGBT people face real discrimination in the workplace, yet there is still no federal law that expressly forbids this kind of discrimination. The federal Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA)* seeks to put an end to this. Executive Director Kevin M. Cathcart submitted an open letter to congress urging for the passage of this bill.

  • Marriage Equality Win in Midwest!

    Plaintiff couples in Lambda Legal's Iowa marriage lawsuit: Varnum v. Brien

  • NY Assembly Passes Marriage Bill

    The New York Assembly has passed legislation to legalize marriage for same-sex couples by a bipartisan vote of 85 – 61. The Marriage Equality Bill now heads to the senate for a vote.

  • Denying Access to Marriage Harms Families: Social Security

    Most employees in the United States see a “FICA” deduction — reducing their take-home pay — on every paycheck. FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. Those deductions are what employees pay into the federal Social Security system to fund benefits not only for retirement, but also for when a spouse dies or becomes disabled. The principal goal of these benefits is to provide a safety net, similar to life insurance.

  • Testing, Discrimination and Stigma

  • Lesbian Mother Seeks Custody

    Lambda Legal argues in an Ohio appeals court that the state's antigay amendment cannot be used to deprive our client Therese Leach of a relationship with her 11-year-old son.