Impact Magazine

  • Impact Magazine Winter 2017

    Impact Magazine Winter 2017

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2016

    This Impact has a new look, a sex and relationships section, a personal perspectives column and, for the first time, an interview with a public figure.

  • Impact Magazine Summer 2016

    “How we will honor their memory,” a message about the Orlando tragedy from Lambda Legal new CEO Rachel B. Tiven. Plus: Fighting North Carolina's politics of fear; Lambda Legal's new book about the marriage movement; Colorado housing discrimination; Pennsylvania schools case.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2016

    This issue of Impact magazine illustrates the breadth of our work—representing an intersex person seeking an accurate passport; defending a gay man assaulted when visiting his partner in prison; strengthening federal antidiscrimination protections; supporting affirmative action; fighting for equal treatment of

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2015

    At Lambda Legal, we’re moving forward and we’re moving fast.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2015

    Our voices are hoarse from cheering and our feet are tired from marching, but our hearts are full and we’re ready for what comes next. There’s no time to waste! June’s Supreme Court marriage victory off ered soaring language about equality, dignity and our common humanity.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2015

    Was it only in October that the Supreme Court allowed four appeals court victories to stand and then marriage became legal in 17 new states, bringing the total to 36? Since our last issue of Impact magazine, Lambda Legal attorneys and other staff worked day and night to secure marriage equality in Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina and West Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

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  • Impact Magazine Fall 2014

    Workplace discrimination is a critical issue for our community. From the thousands of calls for help we receive at Lambda Legal each year, we know that employment problems are among the most frequent faced by LGBT and HIV-positive people.

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  • Impact Magazine Summer 2014

    Happy Pride! Every summer since the Stonewall Uprising in 1969, we celebrate our community, our pride and our commitment to equality. Lately, we also celebrate how much the world has changed—because of our pride and our work together for all these years.

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  • Impact Magazine Winter 2014

    The year 2013 brought us many stunning events in the march toward marriage equality. After the excitement of the Supreme Court decisions last June, there were victories in New Jersey, Illinois and Hawai‘i—Lambda Legal fought long, punishing battles in all three states—and a holiday-season win in New Mexico. Then Utah became the next frontier for marriage equality.

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